1 Cent/Minute Cheap Calls To India – India LD

India LD is a telecommunication service provider that is catering to the needs of South Asian Diaspora by offering cheap calls to India and 27 other countries. It proudly boasts of 20,000 subscribers that are using 50,000 phone lines. It is basically an international long distance carrier that delivers the high quality calls with many robust features.

India LD has its customer care center in India that is dedicated to provide world-class service for all the customers. IndiaLD’s team comprises of experienced professionals, telecom entrepreneurs, IT professionals, phone geeks, etc.


India LD offers many monthly plans that allow the users to make cheap calls to India and other destinations around the world.

–         India LD 3000 costs $29.95 and offers 3000 monthly minutes

–         India LD 2000 costs $24.95 and offers 2000 monthly minutes

–         India LD 1500 costs $20.25 and offers 1500 monthly minutes

–         India LD 1000 costs $13.95 and offers 1000 monthly minutes

–         India LD 500  costs $6.95 and  offers  500 monthly minutes


–         Once the user has bought a plan, he needs to dial one of access numbers situated in twelve countries.

–         User will listen to the voice prompt and follow the instructions. After listening to the prompt, user can dial the desired destination number of friend or relative in India.

–         User is required to include 011 91 before the number for making calls to India. Users will be charged for making calls to access number and they can enjoy free international calls to India and other countries.


India LD offers lot of benefits and several useful calling features as mentioned below.

–         User can put multiple lines on his account

–         User can enjoy the benefit of sending free SMS to any mobile in India

–         Offers international calling throughout the world including USA, Canada and UK

–         User can share account with the families

–         Offers world-class quality and pin less dialing facility

–         Call India as low as 1 cent per minute


India LD offers extremely cheap rates for making calls to India and other 27 countries. It includes calls to both mobiles and landlines.