There are many Apps on Google Play store to make free calls. Here I have put together 5 Popular apps to make free calls on Android Phones. Know the advantages and disadvantages of voice call services¬† like Skype, Viber, Libon, Line and Tango. Let’s have a look.

1. Skype : It is possibly the best app available for free call, and one of the oldest too. Since the company was acquired by Microsoft they have not stopped improving its system to make it more effective and today this application based on VoIP – voice over IP- is with better sound quality. The last thing have been removed from the sleeve is a system of simultaneous translation into different languages you speak in a language and your partner listens to another. A marvel. It is cross – platform and allows credit by buying talk to landline and mobile phones anywhere in the world.


2. Viber : An application born in Spain and it is still raging around the world . With over 200 million users in 193 countries around the globe, this platform application allows you to communicate with anywhere in the world from your mobile or computer. Viber is without doubt one of the best applications to call free, besides being very easy to use. It stands out because it is not only available for all platforms, but as they soon comes a new application to incorporate new ecosystem. A great example to follow.

3. Libon : Available for Android and Apple devices, this application to make free calls also offers very interesting options, such as sending SMS and MMS messages free of charge . It also includes one of the horniest voicemails that exist and is fully customizable. As in the case of Skype, can be greatly reduced call to mobile and fixed prices worldwide. E features a novelty that has no other application: visualize all conversations with a contact – whether calls, messages or images – in one place. But for now it is only available for Android.

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4. Line : More than 100 million users worldwide can not be wrong, and if it comes to talking about the best applications to call free, Line is one of they. Although works best on wifi network using 3G or 4G , this fun app stands out for its messaging images. We’ve all seen those funny little animals in the messages I love the bear. A note that has -for version of Windows and Mac desktop so we can also speak from the computer and no app for BlackBerry, Firefox OS and Nokia Asha.

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5. Tango : Intuitive and social, what stands Tango besides his curious name- are their channels. With this app have wanted to go further and to communication pure and they have added so -called “channels” through which we can read uploaded by different companies and acquaintances content. There are cooking channels, music, video games? Very interesting, indeed. Also allows calls to landlines and mobiles. Available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Kindle. Also for Windows computers.

Beside these there is FaceBook Messenger, Google Hangouts, KakaoTalk and WhatsApp who also provide hassle free calling options. Please do let us know if you know and use some other free calling options on Android Phone in the comments Section.