You already are familiar with VoIP (Voice over IP). It is responsible for a huge impact in terms of communication over the Internet, since it allows the execution of voice calls for free or at much more affordable prices, including international calls.

Programs like Skype, Gizmo, and Voxofone are some famous names in VoIP industry. Similarly there is one more provider that promises free and cheap calls named ADPHONE is also in this competition. At first, one would think that it is only one more instant messaging via VoIP, but it brings some differentials for you to test, that may interest you.

Following the pattern of competition, ADPHONE to ADPHONE calls are free. But one advantage is the possibility to make calls to landlines or mobile numbers for 30 minutes per day for free. The first two minutes of each call are free, however you must wait 10 minutes to call the same number, so you can call for free to 15 different numbers per day, respecting the limit imposed.

If you need to talk more than that, the rates are still lower than those charged by other telecom operators.

30 minutes of free calls all listed Countries

Having fact there is a list of the countries where it is possible to make these connections, but the list is so extensive that it is not really a limitation. To start and test the program, you can make a call two minutes for any selected country for free.



The ADPHONE works with Units, or credits you need to make calls to mobile phones, for example. One unit equals ADPHONE 0.014 Euros or 0.042 dollars. Purchases are made in Euros and you need an international card. Users with a balance equal to or greater than 250 units are classified as VIP. These users – and only these users – will have 30 minutes a day without interruptions.

Other users will have limited free time until your balance runs to minimum of 250 Units.

Selected Countries

Another option for you to save with adphone. The day you have 30 minutes to call fixed numbers without any of the countries in this respect, obeying the aforementioned limitations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Guam, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Virgin Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal , Puerto Rico, United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland and Wales), Czech Republic, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan.

Account and Password

Like any instant messenger, the first step is to create your login and password. You must provide an e-mail address to confirm and activate your account.

Who is already accustomed to instant messengers have no trouble because the interface ADPHONE follows the familiar pattern. The program is divided into two main tabs: Contacts and myADPHONE. The first displays your contacts, allowing conversations with them easily. The second allows you to connect to landlines and informs you of the number of Units available.


The myADPHONE is an area where you keep a profile of contact with various information. With it you keep a history of calls, a message box and notifications. There is also an area where you get links videos and view videos that are successful at the time. You also control your units and can purchase, download and take extracts.

Download Adphone for PC

For All Mobile Platforms see this page.