Adphone – Free IP Calls – Free Calls Anywhere Including India

In my previous posts I have mentioned about many free calling and free calling minutes methods, though there are lots of more still pending to bring in front of my readers. In the same process lets go through one more Voip telephony through which you can make Free IP Calls.

Adphone, a leading Voip company which gives its users free pc to pc calls also called as free Ip Calls, through their Adphone software. You can also make free 30 minutes calls to various mentioned countries, and low rate mobile calls to all over the world.

Let me guide you through how you can call freely from Adphone to many popular destination such as NORWAY, PANAMA, PERU, POLAND, PORTUGAL, PUERTO RICO, SINGAPORE, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TAIWAN etc. I will also tell you that how you can call your friends and relatives who are not in Adphone free country list, still you can talk to them via Facebook application.

Lets first go through how you can get free 30 minutes from Adphone.

1) First Sign Up with Adphone. An email will sent to verify your account. Verify it.

2) Download their free softphone and install it on your Windows PC.

3) Now start Adphone softphone and put on the the head set and dial a number through it.

4) With this softphone you can call 30 minutes free each day if your dialing to landline numbers and to the countries which is mentioned as free on their site.

5) This calls are free because they get paid for displaying ads on the software. Also note that you can call only 2 minutes for every new number you dial. That means you can call 15 different numbers daily for free for 2 minutes.

Now let me tell you about how to make free calls to India and other non voip countries through Adphone.

1) Get registered with Adphone.

2) If you have account in Facebook, log in otherwise get registered with them.

3) In the bottom of Adphone softphone you will see a link called Earn Credit, click on it. Now click on Facebook Fan bonus tab.

4. Follow the steps mentioned. (You just have to become Adphone fan in Facebook).

5) Now with the units earned through this method you can call any countries in the world including India, pakistan etc through Adphone softphone.

6) You can make multiple accounts with different emails in Adphone and Facebook and can earn lots of Units to make calls.

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