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Many steps have been taken by the people to improve the level on communication. Some of these steps have been able to reduce the drawbacks that existed earlier. Some of the inventions and discoveries in the field of communication have succeeded in reducing the distances considerably. They have simplified the lives of many people across the world.

Initially, traditional landline phones were the only means of communications and they have served the people for a number of years. But in the current times, there are numerous alternatives to the traditional phones that help people connect with each other. Recent years have also witnessed the great advancements in the field of telecommunication. These advancements have given the services of VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol to the people.

Today, the people are spread across the world. Numerous people travel to destinations like UK, USA, Dubai, and Austria. In last few years, the number of Indians going to Dubai has witnessed a sharp increase. These people have the desires to stay connected to the people back home but in most cases, they are not able to do so because of the high rates. These people are unable to afford such high rates. The inability of the people to afford pc to phone calls calls at higher rates had led to a limited number of international calls. But the introduction of VOIP services in the last few years has revolutionized the scene in the communications field. This technology is today playing an important role in bridging the gap and bonding the relationships of between the people who are separated by the long distances. With the help of this technology, people are able to make international calls to Dubai without any problems. The technology of VOIP uses the satellites to pass on the calls to the end users at distant locations in the form of digital packets. As a result of being digital in nature, even the people staying in the remote regions receive the signals of good quality.

VOIP offers numerous benefits to the users of this technology. One of the major benefits of this technology is the ability of the people to make free international calls. The service providers take full advantage of the satellites to provide free international calls to their customers across the world. There is no dearth of Internet portals that offer internet calls at very low rates. These service providers have also made it possible for the Indians to make cheap international calls to Dubai. The users are able to keep in touch with their relative in Dubai without worrying about the high telephone bills. The technology is so convenient to use that people can use it even when they are travelling. They need to have access to Internet and a laptop or a compatible phone to be able to use this service.

There are many Websites that offer the VOIP services along with a number of facilities. To avail these facilities, the users are required to register themselves at one of the Websites. The registration forms are available online and they need to be filled accurately and submitted. Some Websites charge their customer on monthly or yearly basis. The charges, however, are very nominal. With the advent of VOIP services, the international calling for people from India to Dubai has been made very convenient.

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