The VOIP apps have succeeded in wooing a huge number of computer and mobile phone users in recent years owing to the number of benefits they offer over traditional phones. They are quite easy to use and the users can access these apps in a number of ways. They can even use them when they are on the move.

DialCheap Rates: VOIP Made Easy

DialCheap is an intuitive low cost VOIP service that can be used by various types of users easily. They can use their internet connection to obtain the advantages offered by this VOIP service. The VOIP app is available for download from the company website. The PC users can get the app for free and after installing it in their PCs they can start using the app soon. For using the VOIP service, they will have to register with the company and create unique profile online. Once that is done, making low cost ISD calls is a cakewalk for them!

DialCheap rates offers cheap calls to India as low as 833 minutes in $ 10.00. One can also do cheap calls to Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.


DialCheap: Not Resource hungry

If anyone thinks that using a VOIP app with other programs can slow down his PC that is far from the truth. DialCheap the intuitive low cost VOIP service is not resource hungry at all. The users with PCS that are a few years old can definitely run this app smoothly. It takes up very little space in the PC’s hard disk as well. The PCs should have Windows XP or later OSes. However, to get the best VOIP experience with this app the users need to use speedy internet connection. The VOIP apps need lots of bandwidth to run.

DialCheap: Offers flexibility

DialCheap is ideal for various types of internet users. Not everyone uses internet from their computers. There are a lot of people who access internet with their phones. The App also has a mobile version for these users. They need not take their laptop with them for making cheap VOIP calls. Similarly the security conscious internet users often dread installing apps from third party brands in their PC. For them the in browser versions of this service is ideal. This version works right in the browser window. There is no need for downloading and installing app.

DialCheap : Added Goodies

DialCheap is not just like any other VOIP app, it is indeed a VOIP with a difference. The users can make ISD calls at really low rates to other nations. They can also send messages to other countries. The App has versions for the Linux and Mac users. The app is not difficult even for the first time users. They can tweak the settings in it quite easily. The app is ideal for those users who need to cut down on steep ISD calling costs. It is also suited for the people who travel abroad.

The users who have become tired with steep mobile tariffs charged by the telecom providers for ISD calls can switch to the VOIP apps and obtain the benefits. They can call various countries at incredibly low rates with VOIP apps.