Cheap Voip Calls & Calling Cards By Localphone

Localphone Ltd was started by the British entrepreneur Paul Cusack with the aim of providing cheap voip calls to the users in any location across the world. It allows the user cheap calls along with high quality telephone services. There are no hidden charges and users can make out the expenses they will incur before they dial.  Localphone has years of experience in offering state of the art technology for providing safe and secure environment for ensuring the integrity of customer data.


Localphone is providing cheap calls to India with no contracts and no monthly fees involved. Also, there are no connections or service charges. Users can register their account for free and make calls to India from their existing landline or mobile.  Users are provided with the local access number for their contacts and by dialling these local access numbers; user can place cheap local calls to Indian landline or mobile number.

Calls to India Landlines charged at 1.6 pence per minute

Calls to India Mobile charged at 1.3 pence per minute


Users can place cheap calls to India by Localphone Direct Dial or Localphone VoIP.

Localphone Direct Dial

–         Users need to place call from their existing landline or mobile

–         Then users should Dial a unique access number (provided to them for each contact)

–         This will connect the call without asking for any PIN or account number

Localphone VoIP

–         Users can place call from their PC, Laptop or VoIP enabled phone or mobile from anywhere in the world with an internet connection by dialling the complete international number.


–         Offers high quality of calls  using Digital Technology

–         Localphone VoIP users can enjoy Free Calls between them

–         There are no Contracts or no monthly Fees involved

–         User can make use of  his existing broadband connection

–         Localphone VoIP  offers powerful call features including call filtering, call forwarding, and many more


Localphone allows the user to select the most convenient way of communicating by offering Direct Dial, Calling Cards and VoIP services. Users can make lots of savings as there are no contracts, monthly fees, or hidden charges.