DialSimple – Cheap Free international calls – Cheap USA Voip Calls

As per the on going trend whenever any festival season is around the corner there is an increase in the calling traffic as many people like to place their wishes. Would not it be great if I tell you that in this festival you would be able to wish your loved ones by calling free of cost? And this is made possible by new VOIP provider called DialSimple.

Let me also tell you that DialSimple services are only available in USA as it a USA based International calling service. But let me also relax you by saying it is possible for users outside USA to use this facility. Let me explain you how.

First get connected with Dial Simple and dial the access number for making calls out. To get connected with international numbers Dial Simple provides you with local numbers like Local Phone VOIP provider. Promotions such a 15 minutes of talk time free is also offered when you subscribe to this facility.

Tips to use this service.

Use of local numbers for your international contacts.
Login for the service
Enter the international number. This will provide you with a local number against each international number
Store these local number on your phone book
Call the local number and this will connect you directly to the international number.

Connecting through Regular Dial
Dial the USA access number
Enter the destination number with the country code followed by “#” key.

With only charge of 5.9 cents per minute one can make calls to India. Apart from calling Dial Simple also offers WebSMS.

Current user’s feedback will be appreciated as it would help the new users to get an easy going by while subscribing for DialSimple.