Skype Accounts At The Same Time

More and more users using VoIP systems to communicate, good to talk to friends and family to keep away or professional meetings. Also can be used in both contexts and in that case be in possession of more than one account services, and here comes Seaside, service related to the king of VoIP Skype allow us to manage and operate multiple accounts simultaneously.

Normally, Skype only lets us log-in with an account at a time, and as mentioned should logout and re-register if we change our mind. Installing Seaside we have all active Skype accounts from a single screen.

Seaside No way we modify the original interface of Skype, since it does is enable Windows feature that permits several processes from different Skype accounts, the number of these limitless.

To enable all Skype accounts in a session will only need to click ‘Start Seaside Multi Skype now’. You can download Seaside by clicking the link that will take you to the download website.