DingaLing – Offers 5 Free Minutes Within North America

Lets see Dingaling, a Canada based voip call company, which is offering free 5 minutes within North America upon every new signup. So if you are living within any north American region you avail this benefit. This service uses web-activated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), to initiate local or international long distance telephone calls. Unlike any other voip services and systems this doest not require any spacial software or device.

Dingaling offers cheap or low cost voip calls all over the world. At a first glance it almost looks like Jajah services. Dingaling though didn’t offer you free voip calls but it offers very low idd or calling cost. You can call as low as 1 cent per minute with this service.

If you want to make a call from Dingaling, you dont need a broadband or internet connection, or even an microphone, you can directly insert your number and destination number on the site, this will first deliver your call to your city and then to your number through plain telephone connection. So no extra hardware requires. One more thing only one register member required for calling and only one has to pay for this.

With many free voip companies in the market one must wonder how this kind of services will survive in the market. But thinking of skype rate one should think about the completion with the prices. This brings more options to the voip world and customers.

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