The Rebtel PC program is a new voip service from Rebtel. When you make a call from PC to phone you can call free to your Rebtel contacts anywhere in the world using our new PC. As long as you have Internet access you can do both Free Calls and cheap international calls with Rebtel. Do you hate paying hefty roaming fees when traveling for business or pleasure? No more problems! Simply connect the headset and open the program Rebtel PC to start calling paying a fraction of the normal rate of your carrier. It’s easy!Download the software for PC , install it in a few seconds and login using your main phone number and your PIN. Your Rebtel contact list is loaded into the program. You can import your contact lists from Google and Facebook!

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Start using the option of Rebtel to call from PC to Phone today!

Want to make calls directly from your computer? Tired of paying expensive Skype rates? Try Rebtel calls from PC to Phone! This wonderful and innovative service can be of great savings on international calls redirecting your calls over the Internet.
What are Calls from PC to Phone?

Configure your account to call from PC is incredibly fast and easy.That’s it! Your PC to Phone calls will be automatically forwarded through Rebtel program. You can make calls from PC to Mobile both as calls from PC to fixed, all with a much lower cost than usual.

Using Rebtel PC program can not only make free or cheap calls from PC to phone, but also access the setup menu on your account, send SMS very cheap Rebtel, set payment or send invitations to your friends to join Rebtel, and all with just a few clicks.

Any friend who is currently using version 2.0 of the Rebtel app (for iPhone or PC) on your contact list is marked with an icon of “FREE”. When you call these folks the call is automatically diverted to be completely FREE via Rebtel. It is the best time to talk to your Rebtel friends and not pay for calls anymore! No matter where in the world you are, you can send your friend the download link to start saving a lot of money on your international calls.
Control your own, invite your friends, recharge, all through the app!
Rebtel Cheap Calls
When you make a cheap international call from PC to Phone, you pay only a small part of your usual fare through Rebtel and pay nothing for your carrier. Save yourself the overpriced roaming charges from your carrier simply calling from your computer!
Internet calls directly from your PC: fast and easy, with a single click and without any connection costs!
Call from your PC to mobile, fixed and other PCs.

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