Don’t have internet connections to make international calls. Now one can make good old high quality calls without using the internet (wifi or 3g) with Ringo. As most the providers using internet to make international calls these days check out Ringo international calling app from

Now call any part of the the world with Ringo at lowest cost possible to any mobile or phone number. Check out the prices:

Its prices are 25% lower than most international calling apps. One can make calls there dear ones without worrying about phone bills.
* Call US or Canada for 1.7¢/min
* Call Mexico for 3.1¢/min
* Call UK for 6¢/min
* Call Germany for 4.5¢/min
* Call Spain for 6¢/min

ringo download

Why I should choose Ringo?

* Cheapest Prices – 25% less expensive than other applications

* Ringo converts your worldwide calls to traditional top quality local calls

* You do not need the web or net to create telephone calls.

* No call drops or uneven voice.

* Buddies don’t have to download the application that you should give them a call

* No monthly commitment – you have to pay-as-you-go

* Earn free credits by inviting buddies to download Ringo. Your friend makes free credit too.

The first call is free of charge!

Download Ringo now making the first demand free. No charge card needed free of charge call.

Invite your buddies and produce rewards!

Other benefits

* Get 25¢ for each friend that joins due to you.

* Invite 5 buddies at the same time and call any US mobile for .3¢/min.

(A very special deal for non-US nations only)