Superbeam is an application, available for computers with Windows and MAC . With it, you can share files and folders via WiFi or heavy NFC. The application does not require that the computer be connected to a WiFi network for the transfer.

The application produces a Wi-fi compatability network itself, enabling file transfer not just not even close to hubs, but additionally between different systems. Due to this, the consumer can send photos to some Home windows PC, Mac or perhaps apple iphone or iPad.

The WiFi has higher speeds than Bluetooth connection. With Superbeam, the user can transfer entire folders to other devices – Pro version only The application is ideal for transferring lots of photos and / or videos recorded..


The trick is to turn the router function devices with Android. When the transfer is carried out Android for Android, you can “pair” the devices via QR Code or NFC. It is something possible on another system, but only when two are on the same WiFi network. The big difference is service you do not need a local network to transfer files at high speed.

With Superbeam, you can transfer files between different systems and send files to smartphones with Android, iOS or even Windows Phone . You can transfer files between Android smartphones and computers with Windows and MAC. He also has version for computers, but to run a WiFi network card is required.

How To Download SuperBeam for PC with the help of Bluestacks :

  • Click here to Download Bluestacks on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Have persistence since the download is bulky and may require sometime
  • Install Bluestacks by using easy steps
  • Open Bluestacks after installation is finished
  • Look for SuperBeam and then click Install
  • Now you can use SuperBeam on laptop anytime with Bluestacks.

Features of Superbeam for PC:

  • Very fast transfer speeds using Wi-fi compatability direct.
  • Pair products using NFC or QR code checking.
  • Discussing with products that don’t have SuperBeam through web interface.
  • SuperBeam utilizes port 8080 for all sorts of transmissions that provides you compatibility on restricted Wi-fi compatability systems.
  • File discussing within a few moments with no interruption in connection
  • All that you should o would be to scan a QR code in the donor and you’ll have the ability to obtain the file without maintaining your products in touch

Superbeam For PCHow to transfer files with Superbeam

When you open the app on Android, it displays four options for quick access: “Files and Folders”, “Music and Audio”, “Photos” and “Videos”. The “Files and Folders” option is generic and is used to send any file type. Just choose the file or folder and mark it, tap the button at the top of the screen to share content.

At the end of the process, the application displays a QR so that the content can be viewed code. Other devices such as computers and cell phones of other brands, can access the app through an address provided on the tab “Other devices”.

With another Android smartphone, the user will have to play in one of the option “Receive” tab. By focusing on more generic option to read QR Code, the application opens the camera must be positioned in front of the smartphone that is providing the content. In the Pro version, you can send entire folders.