Like many other VoIP services that you get around, VoipStunt is a calling service. One can download VoipStunt for PC to make free calls to many destinations. The company is based in Germany. In terms of its service, VoipStunt is same as Skype and can, in fact, give it a tough competition in coming days. VoipStunt is basically a softphone that you can install on your system, and you can start using their services. The service is extremely popular among Germans and Belgian citizens, thanks to the free calling services that they offer to certain landline numbers in some popular destinations.

Download VoIPStunt For Free Calls

The free calling service to landline numbers is only free for a few destinations, and the calls are just for one minute. VoipStunt claims that they don’t want misuse of their services, but it is obvious that making profits is always behind their minds. After all, they are a business.

If you are willing to call for longer durations, you need to pay 10 Euros for 120 days, which is a pretty decent rate. There is an option to pay in USD, as well. After the stipulated time is passed, you will be charged on a rate for those destinations that were initially free. The rates are dependent on the location.

When it comes to calling, calls between users on VoipStunt are free, and in terms of global calling, the rates are lower than Skype. There have been some complaints over call quality, but for most places, VoipStunt offers you awesome services that are worth relying. It is pertinent to mention that calling rates for the service keeps changing, which you can check on their portal.

Why You Should Download VoIPStunt

VoIPStunt user interface is easy to use. If you have been using Skype, you will have no issues in getting acquainted to this one. The numbers of features offered are not extravagant, but whatever the company offers, they have ensured quality for the same.

For using their service, you can go to there website and download the application. Registering is compulsory for users for making calls. The company offers their services with a guarantee that they protect all sort of personal information. For making a trial call, you can avoid installing the software. You need to enter your phone number and the destination number on the home page of their service and start calling.

VoIPStunt also offers cheap text messaging services that can be used over their software. Text messages can be sent via the website or through the client. They also allow you to schedule messages for future with their service. Also you can also text to multiple numbers at the same time.

They offer a local access number that help you make calls with VOIPSTUNT low rates. You can find the LAN number for your region from their website. You can call this number followed by the destination number.

On the whole, VoIPStunt is a worthy service that’s offering a lot of features in a lucrative deal.

Download VoipStant For PC