Zoiper is good, reliable and efficient software program whose primary purpose would be to help customers perform voice and video calls using their buddies, family, co-workers and partners. Unlike other individuals for example Skype, this program enables you to employ any Voice over internet protocol provider or PBX you would like.

Whenever you launch Zoiper the very first time, the applying requires you to definitely configure the loudspeakers, the microphone and also the camera, then make certain they work correctly. Next, you have to produce a new SIP, IAX or XMPP account by indicating the best qualifications for example username, password and domain.Zoiper is really a FREE IAX and SIP softphone application for voice over internet protocol calls over 3rd generation or Wi-fi compatability. You will find NO Ads.

Zoiper softphone provides a simple interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voip experience.

Readily available for both SIP and IAX systems, Zoiper is really a phone solution perfectly fit for clients, service companies, sales departments or any company prepared to take advantage of Voice over internet protocol communications.

IMPORTANT Note: Zoiper softphone is really a stand alone client-side software Voice over internet protocol phone application and isn’t bundled up plus a voice over internet protocol service. To make voice over internet protocol calls using Zoiper, you have to sign up for any SIP or IAX based company around the world.


Zoiper’s key features include:

– Bluetooth support (beta)

– Excellent audio quality, even on older products

– Intelligent Latency Reduction

– Supports calling over 3rd generation and Wi-fi compatability

– Multiprotocol with SIP and IAX support, suitable for all RFC compliant PBXs

– Background / multitasking support

– Native dialer system integration

– Integration using the native android contact list

– Speakerphone mute and hold

– UDP and TCP transports (use TCP for much better battery existence!)

– Supports g711 (ulaw, alaw), speex, iLBC and gsm codecs

– Supports delivering of DTMF


– Built-in echo cancellation

– STUN support

– Change ring-tone per account

Not supported:

– products that aren’t compatible yet:

Motorola Razr series (horrible quality)

– Phones which are unstable simply because they have damaged audio implementations:

Alcatel one touch series (poor audio motorists cause system freezes and crashes)

An important feature is the fact that Zoiper combines within various mail clients for example Outlook, Lotus Organizer, Thunderbird as well as browsers, here mentioning to Ie, Opera or Chrome so that you can call any contact you would like.

To wrap it up this article nicely, Zoiper turns out to be a highly effective and steady solution if this involves carrying out various video calls very easily, in addition to controlling all of the contacts, delivering fax messages and begin talking together with your buddies.

Warning: using Zoiper like a default dialer system may hinder calling 911 emergency services.