Facebook brought us a new update to Facebook Messenger, both Android and iOS, where the most prominent new feature is the ability to send voice messages within their own conversation with another contact. Its operation is very simple, as you just have to press the “+” , then selecting the recording option, which will occur as we keep pressed the talk button. Once you let go, the voice message will be sent.

In addition, iPhone users in Canada can try VoIP function built, simply by pressing the “I” , located in the upper right corner in the same conversation, followed by “free call” , which will allow you to establish conversations voice with that person. We must take into account the potential cost in the data rate, and even if the own operator allows the use of VoIP in the agreed price.

The new release is waiting for us both Google Play free for Android users, starting from version 2.2, and the Apple App Store for iOS terminals.

Facebook Adds Video Recording, Voice Messaging