FlashPhone VOIP is now Flaphone – Free Voip Calls To Russia

Constant change and innovation are the key success points for any firm that wants to make firm ground in the competitive market. It was wise decision by FlashPhone the Russian VOIP company to build an international image by changing its name.

Now officially Flashohone.ru has become FlapPhone. A totally new website with enhanced services, such as changes in their existing SIP platform & the addition of Video Conference Calls making use of latest video codecs.

Flashphone.ru VOIP service users can now continue using there accounts and login to Flaphone. They can continue and use the same services as before.

Since Flaphone is among the first to provide flash based SIP service it uses Adobe Air, you are required to install Adobe 10 Flash Player for using Flaphone.

Some of the new features of Flaphone are listed below.

1) Contact lists can be used easily.
2) SIP accounts can be added/edited/removed using the flash application.
3) Your call history can be seen.
4) Since Flaphone supports SIP IM you can send or receive messages to each other on SIP accounts.
5) The very new 10 Flash Player supports “Speex audio codec”. Also supports h263/h263+/h264 codecs for SIP video calling. Also supports full screen video chating.
6) CallMe widget now has DTMF tone recognition which is an improved version.

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