There are many period offers launched by different VoIP service provider at different time but this time MediaRingTalk has come up with a big offer from which you can make 250 minutes free calls to anywhere around the world. This is a referral based free calls offer, so you only require referring your friends and relative and enjoying free calls. If you really want to enjoy 250 minutes of free calls to anywhere around the world then read how the MediaRingTalk referral system works: – Precisely you require referring 5 friends then your friends becomes a member of MediaRingTalk then after that you will be provided by 250 free minutes to call any corner of this world.

Read Some Other Benefits of MediaRingTalk

1. PC TO PC Calls: If you just want to call from your pc to another pc then you not need to play any charges for that. You can make unlimited free pc to pc calls at any time from any corner of world.

2. PC TO PHONE Calls: You can also make free pc to phone calls to both Western and Asian countries like UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

3. Voice Quality: Apart from free pc to pc calls and low rates of pc to mobile calls MediaRingTalk is great voice quality which you will definitely enjoy experiencing .

If you are looking to call India then let me tell you that MediaRingTalk has a great offer. Just by playing 1.7 cent for each minute you can make calls. This service neither has connection fees nor a hidden charge. Furthermore if you want to experience a lowest rate on landline or mobile then you can calls by paying just 2 cent for a minute and call upto 30+ different countries.

MediaRingTalk has also offering very interesting service called muti-user voice. This is nothing but an Ad-hoc conference in which 5 users can be connected with each other for conference calling. This can be done either on pc or a regular phone.

Conclusion: This offer is all about referral free minutes, some people find if quite difficult but many of then already have referred and enjoyed free 250 minutes. But i would like to say that a little effort of referral can let you enjoy free calls.