Free Calls – Free International Calls From Ibibo Imobile – Free Calls In India, Saudi, UAE

Dear Internet Friends,

Here is one another way to make free international calls right from your PC. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and we are going to make VOIP simple for the average person. VOIP simply means Voice Over Internet Protocol. Now you don’t need to know anything about the protocol so basically it is using the Internet to make phone calls.

Today we will discuss about Imobile, Its a free service from Ibibo from which you can call anywhere in the world for free, in your Ibibo friends network. Not only calling is free but you can send free SMS also free of charge to anywhere in the world from your mobile.

Ibibo Imobile services can be used to make calls and send free sms from Many countries including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Philippines, Dubai (UAE), Sharjah etc. Actually now anyone in the world including India is now use this free VOIP facility to call internationally.

Now How to Make a Free Calls From Ibibo Imobile?

Let me first tell you that from this service each call is limited to 10 minutes per month, however the constraints of 10 minutes can be easily done off by creating multiple accounts.

1) Create an account, visit Ibibo mobile and Sign up.

2) Do this same procedure for your relative or friend who is sitting in any part of the world. Or mail him to do so.

3) Select your country and link your Cell Phone (mobile) number with your account.

4) After entering this all, Ibibo Mobile will send you an sms containing verification code. Varify your account.

5) Same goes for your friend also. Tell him to do same procedure or mail him to do so.

6) Now add him as your friend in Ibibo. And tell him to confirm your friendship.

7) Now when you will see you Imobile account you will see free minutes to talk to your friend.

8) Click to call or send sms for free.

9) These ten minutes are valid for a month. Now you can Delink your number by click on the this link. Register for another account with another email address, with same number. Do the same procedure. You will get 10 more minutes.

10) You can do this as many times as you want.

Workaround to make unlimited calls :

  • With Ibibo you can create multiple accounts and link your same mobile number any number of time.
  • You can send Free Sms through this account.
  • For each account you make you get 10 free minutes, if you create 10 accounts you get 100 free minutes.
  • Account creation Hardly takes any times, and your email address is also not get verified so make multiple account with different email ids and make more free calls.
  • Ean extra 3 minutes every time your friend invite another friend and grow Ibibo network.

Please post your experience, queries in the comment section and I will try to help you out. And also how did you make free calls through Ibibi Imoble, and for which country?