Free Calls – Gizmocall Gives you Free Calling Minutes

Just seen for making free calls and receiving free calls.

The site says “Use your web browser to call to any phone, Plus Receive calls using local numbers, anywhere in the world“.

How To make free calls quickly?

1) Download and install the Gizmo call plugin
2) Register to receive 5 minutes of free calling
3) Type “test” or any phone number and click “call”
4) Have the person you have called you back using the “free local number”

How do I receive calls with local numbers?

Receiving calls from friends and family is simple. Follow these steps close

1. Go to Gizmo Call and login or register
2. Type the telephone number of the person you want to be able to call you.
(They can be in any country around the world.)
3. Immediately a free local number for that country is assigned and displayed to you
4. The person you called can now call you back using this new local number

You can now receive calls from friends and family! To make sure that you never miss a call from them, activate the call forwarding* feature.
* There is a small per minute charge for call forwarding.

Make FREE calls quickly
Simply type into your browsers address bar.
(put the number you want to dial in place of 18005551212)