Free International Voip Calls On Blackberry – Rebtel

Internet and Computers have made a big difference in our lives. From the ease of your home, you are connected to the whole wide world. This has made the world into a “global village”, reducing the distance between people and their love ones by allowing them to connect to each other in a matter of seconds, rather than waiting 7-14 days to receive a letter in the mail. After the introduction of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, talking to your loved ones halfway around the world is as simple as making a call to your neighbor. Skype is the world leader these days with about twenty seven million users online at the same time daily, however there is another VOIP service launched in 2006 that is looking off to grab the VOIP market from Skype soon.

I am sure all of you have heard the phrase “free is good”. What if I told you that you could talk to your love ones in another country for FREE with the convenience of your smart phone? That’s right, with the introduction of free Rebtel to Rebtel VOIP calls to international destinations from Rebtel in its IPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones app; you can make free VOIP calls to your love ones in 50 international countries, list of these countries can be found here. It may use your local minutes, but those are just from your current cellular plan and you don’t have to worry about bearing high international calling cost. Like I said, it is as simple as making a phone call to your neighbor next door.

The free international VOIP call is just one feature out of many more that is making Rebtel stand out and double their annual revenue in the past year. Rebtel allows you to make very cost effective direct calls to international phone numbers, by using the method of creating a local number in the destination country and using that number to call your desired number and connect you to your loved one instantly. You can even turn that low rate into free by asking them to call you back on the created local number.

The only limited functionality that Rebtel has is the ability to make video calls like Skype does. Rebtel has countered that by state of the art research and technology and is now reporting about nine million users after it’s launched in 2006. Rebtel has also recently reported the VOIP minutes usage to be over a billion minutes. Skype may be the leader in VOIP market today, but Rebtel is definitely looking to grab that title soon by growing so fast so soon.