Free Mobile Calls – Free PC To Mobile Calls –

Today I will let you know about how to make how to make free Mobile calls from

Its a free mobile call service you can get by downloading barablu free software.

How to do it?

Here is step by step procedure to make free mobile calls.

1) Register your details with barablu and they will send sms to you including download details. For downloading it on your PC they will email you with download details. Or you can download it HERE.

2) After downloading in your GPRS, Wifi or Internet Data planned cell phone, install it on your mobile phone. Same goes for your PC as well.

3) Calls made using barablu are dialed in the same way as other calls even though calls are carried over the Internet and bypass the mobile operator’s network. In this way you can talk free* from your mobile as long as you like. (*to use barablu on your mobile you will need an Internet data plan). You and your friend (to whom you are calling) must have barablu enabled on their mobiles.

4) For PC or Mac users barablu enables you to do all the usual VoIP things like instant chat, SMS, free barablu to barablu calls and cheap PC to landline and mobile calls.

5) Even if your friends or relatives are not on barablu yet, but they have a Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™ and Yahoo!™account, you can import their contacts and still talk to them.