Free PC To Phone Calls Services For You

The people have become more addicted towards computers/PC more than anything else. The people eat, sleep and pray in computers nowadays. The connectivity with friends is what made computers so addictive to the Gen-Y. Everyone wants to stay connected. Adding another feather to the cap is the free PC To Phone Calls / free Internet telephony that is all set to change the way we talk over distances. Distances transcend and miles erode in a place when we can call someone from our pc to a mobile phone and that could be free of charge or of very minimal rates.

Cheap and affordable are the characteristics that are most associated with the VOIP calling. There are a lot of major players in this segment and they have a host of their services to attract customers. Some have free calling and messaging facilities where as others allow no credit calling and smart money and credit transfer around the world at very minimal costs. All that is required is good Internet connection with descent speed.

For doing that, someone needs to install a provider’s software that is available for download at the official site of the company. Once that is installed, there are easy to use caller interface that connects the calls from the PC or laptop to almost every corner of the world. Amazing, isn’t it? The revolution is brought by a technology called VOIP or voice over Internet protocol that bypasses all the local barriers of telephony and switches to a more comfortable and cheap variants of communicating.

One of the major players in the segment is the Spicei2i or the mediaring, this software just requires to be installed on the computer and the user can start on simply by registering for a free Internet account. The service provider claims to be the cheapest in the world with crystal clear voice. It is indeed one product to look for when someone can call back to China at 1.2c/min and to India at 1.7c/min.

Another major player is the Adphone softwares. All that is required is an Internet account with a login username and a password. The best part of the company’s marketing policy is that it allows a free calling of 30 minutes anywhere in the world. Skype is perhaps the Facebook of VOIP telephony. Used by millions of people in the world, this helps in the smartly connecting Skype to Skype users and makes unlimited calls. The call clarity and services are excellent for high speed internet connection. If a small business has international clients and wants to go all round the world, Skype is the best solution provided that the client too has Skype installed in his system. Icall also provides the same services as mediaring.