Free PC TO Phone Calls To 50 Countries Offer By

Free PC TO Phone Calls is offering by a service provider called to 50 destinations. Along with other 50 destination it also includes India. Though this service is limited to trial period of only 7 days but during those trial periods you will definitely satisfy yourself by experience the movement of free and qualitative callings. This service clearly indicates that you can able to make free calls to any of 50 listed countries and your trial days will count from the day you register this service. It is a very accessible and easily operating free service which can start by just a simple process of registration and downloading a small client application.

Read these important and helpful steps to make you signup easier.

1. The application called “ MetroPoint Client” is required to download.
2. Install the application. If you want to make it quick then you can freely skip equipment installation option.
3. After installation just run the application.
4. Go for completing basic process such as verification and registration.
5. After that you can login to your account to start enjoying free calls.
6. Remember: The seven days trial will be start counting right from the day you registered.

After successfully completing the above process you are eligible to make free calls according to offer. To make unlimited free calls start dialing country code and the format should some something like code+number no 00 or 011 is required. It should look something like E.G: 9198XXXXXXXX.

Metronet is a great service provider which and be freely and cheaply used by varieties of different ways. Its is not possible to cover every tweaks but apart from others this is a useful trial service so the people looking for it can make a good use of it.

Conclusion: So you got free 7 days to use and analyze this service provider. If you like using this service then you can extent it by purchasing using your credit card.