Free PC To Phone Calls To India By Evaphone

Evaphone is a new entrant in telecommunication business that offers free PC to phone calls to anywhere in the world including India. It allows the user to place calls using browser only and do not require any software to download. Users can make free PC to phone calls after watching a short advertisement. There is no registration required and users can make lots of savings on telecommunication services. Users can also post their opinions and suggestions on Evaphone system on its message board and various advertisers can also place their promotional videos on it.


Evaphone allows the user to make free PC to phone calls using browser and in addition to that it also offer paid call services to the customers.

Free calls to India: Evaphone is a completely free online application which offers free PC-to-phone calls to India using a browser without any registration or downloading of any software.

Cheap paid calls:  In case a user needs to make convenient PC-to-phone calls to India with no advertisements or limitations, then Evaphone offers cheap calls to both fixed and mobile numbers at a reasonable rate. User need to register themselves for making paid calls. There is no need of downloading any software and Evaphone will place calls using browser only.

–         Paid calls to India landline cost USD 0.0696 per minute

–         Paid calls to India-Mobile cost USD 0.0529 per minute

Once the registration is done, user can add funds to Evaphone account by various payment options including credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc.


In order to place a call, user need to simply visit the Evaphone site at “ “ and enter the phone number of the person in India, he wants to call in the Evaphone widget.  It will show a short advertisement and calls get connected.

User need to have a broadband Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player (9.0 and higher) and a headset or microphone with speakers to place a call for free.


–         Offer free PC to phone calls

–         Offers cheap calls at very reasonable rates for paid calls

–         Evaphone is very easy to use

–         Offers worldwide PC-to-phone paid calls without any advertisements or limitations


Evaphone is offering both the free and paid calls to meet the diverse requirements of the users. Users can enjoy the benefit of free and cheap calls after watching a short advertisement.