Free PC To Phone Calls to US, UK and Australia With

With InternetCalls, users can make free phone calls to international destinations by using advanced VoIP technology. It provides the free calls to regular phones along with free downloadable software and cheap calls to other phones. InternetCalls also offers the free online (Peer to Peer) calls to his friends and family.

What needs to be done for using InternetCalls?

User is required to download and install the InternetCalls software on his computer. This InternetCalls software comes for free without any hidden costs and there is no commitment involved. Online calls and calls to any land line number in available free destinations are absolutely free and offer huge savings for the customers.

How do I make free calls?

In order to make free calls with InternetCalls, user can follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Visit the InternetCalls site and download the InternetCalls Client at After the InternetCalls Client is downloaded, user needs to install the InternetCalls software on his PC.
  2. After the installation is done, user can start making calls by entering the contact name in the provided textbox followed by clicking the dial button.
  3. In case user wants to make calls to unsaved number, he can directly enters the destination number and then click the dial-button.

Format for dialling the number is as follows:
Dial (00 + country code + area code + subscriber number)

What are the Benefits included?

  • Can be used with SIP devices
  • With InternetCalls, there is no requirement of additional equipments
  • Very easy to download and install InternetCalls Client
  • Offers convenience and easy usage as user can make calls only with InternetCalls client and headset
  • Many others devices can be used with InternetCalls
  • Allows the user to make phone to phone calls with InternetCalls


InternetCalls provides high quality of calls that comes bundled with many great features. User can enjoy the luxury of making free calls to international worldwide destinations such as US, UK and Australia.