Free Phone Calls From Google Talk (gtalk)

As most of us know one can freely call pc to pc with Google Talk, but how one can make free pc to phone calls or free VOIP calls through Gtalk?

Let me tell you, one can do this with virtually with any phone number in the world using gTalk with the help of some third party service.

Oh yes if you have not downloaded Gtalk yet on your systems first do it from this URL :

I am giving you two examples of setting free Calls right from your PC to any landline or mobile number from gTalk:

Making calls through

To make a call through do following steps;

Step 1: Subscribe to the service in one of the possible ways:

  • 1st Way. Login to your GoogleTalk and add new recipient whose user id is
  • 2nd Way. Or Go to the main page of this site and submit your user id by pressing “Invite” button, then accept invitation from

You will immediately receive massage like this:

service: .
*====== AVAILABLE COMMANDS ======*
HELP – Display this message.
MYPAGE – Display URL to your personal account page.
WEBCALL – Display URL to your personal Web Call.
DICT word – Make a request to DICT.ORG for word definitions.
MSG to text – Send off-line message text to user to .
IM to text – Send Instant Message text to user to . Example: IM Hello Billy!
VMLIST – Display content of your voice mail box.
VMPLAY id – Play voice mail message number id .
VMDEL id – Delete voice mail message number id
VMSEND user – Send voice mail to other gtalk user .
VMSET id – Set id as a default welcome message.
CONF – Create conference room for you. Room cookie will be sent back.
JOIN cookie – Join someone’s else conference room using cookie .
COST phone – Display amount of credits charged for 1min unit while calling to phone . Example, to figure price for calling american 800 services type: COST 1-800
CREDITS – Go buy more credits.
CALL phone [via] – Make an outgoing voice call to telephone number phone which is represented in E.164 format. Example, to call Google type: CALL 1-650-253-0000 . You can also setup a registered service provider name in optional via parameter to place call throu.
CALL – Make an outgoing voice call to SIP phone . Example: CALL .
DTMF_TONES : Type in any string of digits or Asterisk or # sign while talking to send DTMF tones.
SMS phone_number text – Send text an SMS message to phone . Example: SMS +1-234-5678901 Hello, just testing
*============== END =============*


These are the commands from the provider.

Step 2. Now type in a command like CALL in the chat window to place a call to any SIP user You can also define port numbers like in if you have one.

Step 3. In few seconds you will receive incoming call from, which you have to accept (or decline if you have suddenly changed your mind).

Step 4. After incoming call is accepted by them, you will hear a beep signal followed by (a usual voice indicator of call progress). Text messages will also be displayed in chat window informing you about call setup events, call cost and which service provider it is routed through.

Step 5. When your call is answered on the remote side, “Remote answered. Now talking..” message is displayed. From this moment accounting process is started, you can talk. please note you have not paid a single penny for it till now.

Step 6. When you drop the call or the remote party hangs up, a message like “Charged time: XX secs. Reason = EndedByLocalUser” is displayed to you. It will be the reason for the call end.

I will advice some of my readers to check this method and write their experience here in in form of your comments so that many of us can get benefited from it.

Making Calls through

In this case you don’t have to fill form or get registration and its easy to use.

1) Open Gtalk, add as a friend. You must use gTalk in order to use free VoIP service.

2) They act as a middle man and enable you to reach regular telephones (landline and cell phones).

3) In few moments you will get confirmation from splinter bot.

4) Now send them a message like “call 12147773856” and they will connect you. You will receive an incoming call, accept it and in few minutes your call will be connected to the number entered.

5) They give you small credit to call some free calls to test their service.

6) You can get free calling minutes by this method by login in from different gtalk accounts made by you.

That is it for now, you can test this services and write your experience or suggestions here on this blog as comments.

Till then happy free calling.