Free Phone To Phone Calls for 30 Minutes From Talkety

In the process to bring you free calls sources from all over the world on this blog, I found one more site on the internet Called Talkety. This is one more Internet Voip company through which you can call freely for 30 minutes on your mobiles, landline phone.

Yes you heard it right, you can get upto 30 minutes of free calling while you signup with Talkety. And these 30 minutes are free phone to phone calls without installing any software. However, this facility is available in certain countries only. As India is not included in the list we can not yet tested this service.

How to Use Talkety To Make Free 30 Minutes Phone To Phone Calls:

a) First signup with them and enter two numbers (calling and destination).

b) Your phone will ring.

c) Your call is connected with the destination number and you can talk upto 30 minutes free. That means you just initiated your computer to make the calls, and not make calls from your computer. When your free trail minutes gets over, you can always buy some credits from the site to make cheap international calls.

Talkety is ideal for:

1) Business owners to make business calls on the phone

2) Hotels phones

3) Hospitals phones

4) Lots of international cheap calls

5) Phone from mobile or cellphones

6) Those who cannot use cheap telephone carriers

7) For those who has Iphone, Talkety is available on it too. Just start your Iphone browser, and surf Talkety site, import contacts and recently dialed numbers from talkety and make calls to your family and friends. You can make long distance and international calls at very cheap rates. You can also make mobile to mobile calls at very competitive rates.