Free calls are not new to many of us. Probably most of us have used Skype more than once from our PC or Mac computers. With the advent of services like Skype for mobile opens a door for many in future to make free or cheap calls. We are through VOIP technology that allows us to make calls whenever we have internet access. In Android there are three major Voip providers that allow us to make free VOIP calls, these are Tango, Viber and Skype.


Tango was originated in iOS, and already in a state of some maturity has come to Android. Using the application is as simple and easy as it exists. With Tango VOIP calls can be made with any other user who has also already installed Tango in either Android or iOS. We may also make video calls, but for this we need a device with front camera.

tango For Android
Tango scans our address book to find numbers that are registered as users of Tango, thereby providing us having to add contacts manually. To use the Tango application, we check in the application itself, and once the process, and we can begin to make free calls to family and friends.

tango video calls

Tango is available for free in the Google Play (Android Market) and requires Android 2.1 or higher to run. There were rumors that the developers plan to come up with Tango version for desktop Mac and PC, which would not only increase the usefulness of this excellent service. And they did it just recently.


Viber is the latest of the three services we suggest today, since its arrival in the Google Play (Android Market) has been waiting more than necessary. Being one of the most downloaded applications in the iOS App Store, waiting for the arrival of Viber has become eternal.

vider for android

The service will allow us to make VOIP calls and texting with your contacts using the data network of our Android. Despite being the last of the three to hit the Google Play (Android Market), it is none the worse, or anything, in fact, in my opinion is the best of the three. Running Viber is even simpler than the Tango, since it does not require us to register as users on the application. We just have to enter our phone number and we will be ready to start calling our contacts that have Viber installed.

viber free calls

Viber is available for free in the Google Play (Android Market) and requires Android 2.0 or higher to run. Anyway, the team recommends Viber for Android version 2.2 and up to has a good user experience.


The Microsoft acquisition of Skype has been one of the most talked about sales this year and has caused rivers of ink. Many analysts saw some concern that the service worsened as a result of the sale, but in fact the service has improved with the integration of this within Facebook.


Skype allows us to make VOIP calls and send text messages for free with our contacts. No support for video call except some Sony Ericsson phones. Surely the main feature of Skype over the other two is the way over. Skype is been integrated in contacts within the Android, allowing us to call these contacts without need or whenever we want to call them as we open the application.

skype calls

Certainly, Skype is the team to beat, because they were the pioneers of VoIP calls and because it’s recent acquisition by Microsoft and its agreement with Facebook have not only increased the possibilities of service.

Skype is available for free in the Google Play (Android Market) and requires Android 2.1 or higher to run.

With which of the three services you stay? Do you think that someday these services replace traditional calls?