Free Voip Calls Services To UK

United Kingdom is perhaps the most transformed global village in the world, with population from virtually every corner of the world. Moreover, United Kingdom is a nerve center for business. So connectivity is the buzz word for the people over there. The majority of the population in the UK belongs to some other countries and calling to United Kingdom requires cheap call rates. Calling through ISD was always expensive and was never convenient to its users. A new revolution named VOIP has changed the way we talk to our friends and in laws residing in some of the most distant corners of the world.

ConnectAssure Business Broadband is one Internet service provider that revolutionizes the technique of VOIP calls. A specially designed setup makes it comfortable for the business organizations to switch to cheaper VOIP systems than the present ISDN network. The company allows up to 50 concurrent calls with lighting fast internet connections of 24.4 mbps. Now, that’s a smart solution for your business. Babytel also provides the same functions with the added advantage of call waiting and call return facilities. The company helps in easy conference calling, a must for business needs. The credibility of the company lies on the reliability of the services and it never lets any business down. A virtual phone number is also provided along with the connection and most importantly it has E911 facility to go with it. So a VOIP service provider which almost blends every aspect of telephony into the protocol system making it more robust and a more easy to use product.

PhNUM provides international calling and receiving at the price of your local calling. It is simply the best for a business or individual who wants to shift its business base to the UK or wants to attract new clientele in the region. The service providers allow any business to choose a number from UK and help them to redirect any calls to their office or home. It gives the business a more formal shape and obviously increases the credibility of the business and makes the company look formal to the clients in and around United Kingdom. It helps individual to choose a right plan and allows them to them to connect to their families and friends residing in some distant part of the world. It uses the path breaking technology that bypasses the network protocol and switches the global DNS protocol almost instantly.

The last product on the list of smart ISDN telephony is the Sipgate. It perfectly bridges the gap of VOIP and telephony. The quality of the calls are excellent and it gives the customers a fixed number as the landline. It supports Internet and sms delivery and, undoubtedly, the hybrid of Internet provider and telephony. All a person needs to do is to connect through the Sipgate broadband connection and register a free account at Sipgate and business is all set to go places in the world with unmatched quality and reliable service.