Freecalls087 allows the users to make international call to various locations worldwide including India, UK, USA and Australia at extremely cheap rates from South Africa. It provides the users the ability to keep in contact with their relatives and friends abroad when they are in South Africa. It is basically an access based service and does not require using internet and offers excellent call quality.


Freecalls087 does not require user to subscribe for using this service. There is no need for any credit card information. User can simply dial the access number 087-805-5762 before dialling their destination number and then make free international call. In other words users can make international calls at local rates. That’s no cost international calls.

Users are not charged for making international calls however they need to pay the charges for calling local access number. Thus only the international call charges are absolutely free. User will be charged by their telephone provider as per the local rates for calling the access number. These charges will be shown in the service provider bill received by user and there is no billing details sent from Freecalls087.


User can follow the below mentioned steps to make free international calls via FreeCall-087-805-5762

–         User need to dial the access number 087-805-5762 from his cell phone or landline phone. User will be charged as per the local rates offered by telephone network provider. If there are free allowances available then these free minutes are get used.

–         After dialing the access number,  user will listen to the voice prompt that will ask the user to enter destination number followed by # in the below mentioned format

00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number #

For example for India user can dial 00 91 022 9833783174 #


FreeCall087 offers numerous benefits in comparison to traditional phone service.

–         Allows the user to make Call from any landline or mobile

–         Offers affordable service and simple to use

–         There are no contract, no commitments, no set up fee and no pre-payments needed

–         It does not require user to open account or send the details of credit card

–         There are no extra bills sent


FreeCall-087 provides free international calls to India, UK, and many more countries across the globe; however user can enjoy these benefits only when he is in South Africa.