FreeRinger – Free International Calls To 30 Countries

We had been speaking a lot about VOIP service providers and we been digging into these services as they often provide us with free calling. Taking our discussion further let me now talk about FreeRinger which is one kind of a VOIP service provider.

With Free Ringer one can make free international calls as FreeRinger (now the Talkster’s free international base for calling.

There is a lot of difference in FreeRinger as well as Talkster. While calling on Talkster one needs to connect using Phone but with FreeRinger combination you are allowed to call directly.

If you are an existing user of Talkster than using FreeRinger would prove to be a better option. Free ring is powered by the latest technology of Gtalk VOIP and another VOIP provider Talkster. With strong base of GtalkVOIP which can hack into anything a call forwarding platform has been easily built.

Recommendations for the new internet users on how make free international calls using FreeeRinger are as follows.

Enter the receiver’s phone number in international format. i.e.

Press call button on your handset. If you don’t find your self connected that means your number is not listed on your roster, a self submission process will be initiated and new contact created
On successful creation of your new contact a new Talkster number will be allotted to the receiver to get back to you on the web. A call will be made on the receivers number.
On getting connected you will be given 10 seconds to ask your friend to call you right back to the allotted Talkster number. This Talkster number will be forwarded to the receiver by SMS message send during subscription or by caller ID displayed on their mobile or else you can tell this to your receiver.
On calling back by the receiver the system will connect both of you and you can talk unlimitedly
After finishing you can disconnect by pressing the Hang-up button
Like wise you can get connected to other and speak unlimitedly.

You can even make calls to other SIP URI by entering SIP number in phone number input box or by entering SIP URI in the URL like
Calls form Talkster can be made only to the listed countries such as USA, Canada and most of the European countries.

If you have used Talkster or will be using Talkster don’t forget to give suggestion. This will help others to know more about Talkster.

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