Actually the news is even better because we can make free calls using hangouts, from any site (with the appropriate extension) not just from Gmail.

Commenting on his blog that one of the things that they miss the old Gmail chat were calls could be made from there, which have been reactivated in the new version, allowing free phone calls to USA and Canada from anywhere in the world where the hangouts are available.

For other countries the rates are still quite low, with less than 4 euro cents per minute to call for Chile, for example.
Google reactive free calls from Gmail

In addition to re-enable this communication channel, we can also add multiple phone numbers and video participants to the same call, and play sound effects (such as applause or laughter).

Google reactive free calls from Gmail 2

To start we just have to find the phone icon in Gmail, as we see in the picture. If you have not yet activated, do not worry, they plan to implement it in all accounts this week.

They promise many updates, so be attentive.