If you are looking to make free PC to phone calls or PC to PC calls to the countries like US and Canada then 1Call 7 Beta has already released with upgraded features that supports Multi-messenger feature. This upgrade is capable to manage a satisfying service supporting up different ways of communication which includes Text, Voice and Video service. iCall is redesigned to experience different ways of communication effectively and efficiently. You can either use text, voice or video but all are meant to enjoy a good service. iCall is a powerful program which delivers a great compatibility and comport including in acting as a single terminal which supports different VoIP and chat programs. This Multi-Protocol chat service is widely known as Multi-Messenger.

So, this is a Multi-Messenger Program and it supports the below listed messaging services.

1. Google Talk (Gtalk).
2. Yahoo! Instant Messenger.
3. Microsoft MSN, Instant Messenger.
4. Facebook Chat.
5. IQ Messenger.
6. Jabber/XMPP.

Install this program in your pc or phone and start making free calls to USA and Canada. This service is at exclusively promotional status and due to it you can enjoy free calls approximately more then a month. If you mostly use pc to pc calls or calling or either you are at promotional circumstances then you can call free worldwide. This handy and featured program support many operating system so there is not barrier of operation system if you are willing to use this program. You can either use Windows, Mac and also Linux operating system. Most likely feature of this program is that you can access its entire feature no matter which operating system you have chosen.

Conclusion: iCall 7 is on beta release and there are possibility that you will not able to experience all the written features but you can try this program and wait for complete and finished versions which definitely satisfy all your expected requirements.