Internet Telephony Voip Service From Tuitalk – Free International Phone Calls

The more people know about internet the more internet telephony voip will grow. Similarly more companies will enter in the international calls market. And thats good news for our readers and for us, as this will let us make more free calls. Recently many ads based free calls voip companies has been launched in the market.

Tuitalk, an advertisement based internet voip calls company, is offering free calls to its registred users as long as they have sponsors for paying your call charges. This advertisements are shows on Tuitalk softphone while you make a free voip call from there softphone. There is no need for any credit card or online payments as this free talk softphone is absolutely free.

You can make international and domestic calls free with Tuitalk to more then 38 countries. The person you are calling doesn’t need to be a PC to call him. As you are calling directly from your PC and Tuitalk Internet telephony softphone to his mobile or landline number. There is one registration process before you make free call from this service. You are asked to fill name, age, sex, partial address and languages you speak. They also ask your income/industry etc. to know your region and interest and simultaneously serve you correct related advertisements. If you enter your extended information in the extended profile you will get increased talking minutes in your daily free calls time.

You can make mobiles in USA and Canada absolutely free of charge. You can browse there free country list to see if you fall in there or not.

How to Make Free Internet Telephony Calls From Tuitalk

1) Get yourself register with Tuitalk.

2) Enter your email address and verify it after completing your registration.

3) As I said before you can get extra free minutes filling up extended profile option. You can find these options under “User Menu” at the rightmost of screen.

4) As Tuitalk is not an phone to phone or web based free internet phone service, you have to download there free Tuitalk softphone on your PC. Let me tell you this service will not been supported on your Sip devices, because then they can’t show there ads and no ads means no free calls ;).

5) Now login in Tuitalk with your email and password and start making free calls. Click on your country flag to which you want to make the call. Now enter your number. The first thing you will see while you start your call will be an ad which is sponsoring your call.

I hope you will make free calls with this service. It looks decent and we hope that it will survive long to make more free calls. Please write your experience with this service in comments section about voice quality, your country response etc.