Inumbr – Free Caller ID – Free Incoming Phone Number – Free Call Forwarding

If I ask you how about exposing your mobile number online. Definitely your answer will be a big no. You will sense that there is a lot of risk involved in it. The VOIP industry is totally dependent on picking a random phone number and getting you connected by forwarding this number with which you can make calls anonymously.

Some cases of Phone number theft have been identified in USA so it is not really safe to give your phone number over the internet. Then the big question is how is it possible to make calls with risking your mobile number. Well I will say that the solution lies in inumbr.

Free incoming USA phone numbers is offered by inumbr. With which you can make free calls.

Inumbr works in a simple way

• Go to inumbr
• Get a free inumbr by clicking on the inumbr home page.
• For every new call a new number is generated.
• Maximum of 1 month validity is provided.
• To make call dial the USA number which is forwarded to you. A secondary line can be added in case the primary number fails to connect..
• Innumerable options are available under more calls control to make calls to other numbers.

If you use internet as a mode of voice communication then I will suggest you to use inumbr. Also hence forth there won’t be any problem of tele-callers bothering you.

Try inumbr and I bet you will fall in love with its use and application.