Linphone is a fairly young but very promising internet telephony software. It uses the SIP protocol, and therefore allows you to make phone calls over the Internet to other people who have a software or a dedicated telephone device that adopt the same protocol.

Linphone supports a wide variety of codecs (G711-ulaw, G711-alaw, LPC10-15, GSM and SPEEX) thanks to which it is able to guarantee a very good quality of the voice signal with extremely low bitrates. The program offers a graphical interface (unfortunately only for Gnome) very intuitive and full of functionality; however, a command line interface is available. Finally, along with Linphone Sipomatic is also distributed, which is an automatic answering machine that can be used as an answering machine or, more simply, to check the functioning of your configuration without having to make calls to third parties.

Linphone Advantages:

  • SIP compatible
  • good quality of the speech signal
  • answering machine included
  1. Developed with Qt 5.9 framework (QML), Linphone 4 can be obtained on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  2. One of the major additional features, you are able to for instance enjoy:
  3. an easy and understandable UI with quick use of major features
  4. a good search bar, to rapidly begin a call, send a note or give a contact
  5. advanced calling features, like HD video entirely screen mode, audio conference and chat access during calls
  6. a unified call and chat history, with message delivery status and file discussing


Lots of features continue to be into consideration, on the mid or lengthy-term basis. Amongst others, they are able to mention group talk to multiple participants, server-based video and audio conference, or even the integration with web services by proposing technical methods for getting together with browsers.

Aside from these major new functionalities, they have already identified potential enhancements that we’ll add-on a shorter-term.


  • graphical interface for Gnome only
  • still under development

Download Linphone 4