This year will see the end of the historic electronic messaging service Microsoft, popularly known as the “Messenger”, which for years has allowed us to stay in touch with friends and always new emerging. It’s time to migrate to the Skype application like Microsoft communications system, where users “Messenger” can use their Microsoft accounts and continue their conversations with other friends.

Announced back in November of last year, Skype is invitatory users “Messenger” to the writing off Skype through a brand new entry on her official journal, listing the characteristics of the service itself, each those with that already acquainted as those associated with the service of Skype that doesn’t have Windows Live courier. however most significant, in this publication and place dates, indicating that the updated Skype courier in your desktop version can begin on Apr eight for communicatory customers, and can continue till the tip with Brazilian Portuguese users, calculable to the Apr 30 or days.

Skype has applications both desktop and mobile applications, also coming soon to BlackBerry devices. Additionally, Skype provides Messenger users a tutorial to become familiar with using Skype.

Microsoft Migrating Messenger Users to Skype