Google wants the new instant messaging service to be improved and so from now it will allow VoIP calls but only available in Gmail, Google+ and Chrome extension. That is, only time will make these calls from the web, not from any mobile application.

In May Google announced the launch of the application Hangouts, as a new messaging service that would compete directly with WhatsApp, and also, thanks to the ability to make video calls with Skype and Apple’s FaceTime. Also was available for PC, Android and iOS.

But he lacked the ability to make voice calls over IP and have been included, but for now applications for mobile devices, namely Apple and Android are out.

Google launched Hangouts as a unified messaging system, as added features that added Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google+ service for video chats. But it added the ability to make VoIP calls itself also integrated Google Voice and Gmail for web also lost this functionality.

As we explained in the Gmail Blog have received many complaints from users for not integrated VoIP calling service from the beginning. Their argument is that they wanted to improve the experience and so it took a little longer to arrive.

google hangout video calls

In this way it is possible to make voice calls over IP, but for now, as stated above, this feature is only available from the web. Moreover, as a novelty, have announced that all calls to the U.S. and Canada through this new service will be totally free. Rates to other countries, as long as Google, are very economical. And if you want your opinion on whether they are expensive or cheap you can always look at the rates by clicking here. As an example, just indicate that if we call a mobile phone from Australia we get to 13.3 cents per minute with VAT already included.

So far Google has not indicated when it will add VoIP calls to its iOS and Android apps.

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