Numbertank is produced by Shantai Technologies which enables you may make free call to the cell phones out of your browser. Numbertank is website you may make free call to the mobile and country. What  special with this site is that you could enjoy half an hour free call daily. Numbertank getting some kind of special features daily you may make 30min free call to mobile, before you need to login to make use of 30 free minutes every single day.

Numbertank LoginSo with Numbertank, you may make calls to worldwide and domestic cell phones with no receiver being attached to the internet. You call on their telephone number.

Here’s how it operates:

You must be online when you get an invite from the friend.

Then you must definitely verify your mobile number.

Next, you invite your buddies via email or internet sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

When your buddies have became a member of Numbertank, they’ll instantly show up on your address book and you may start giving them a call free of charge.

You receive 30 free calling minutes on days that you simply login on Numbertank. Unused minutes get transported over but at any time of your time, you’ll have a more or less only 100 minutes inside your account.

If you do not know anybody who’s registered around, just drop your current email address on Numbertank website and they will give back an invite within a few days.

Please note that Numbertank does not works on Mozilla Firefox, Explorer and Safari. It only works with Google Chrome. You must have Google chrome download on the system to get free minutes.

Can NumberTank Can be used on Android Or iPhone?

No, They have not yet developed Android apps to run on any of mobile platforms. You have to wait and watch.

Please give your feedback if you have used Numbertank to call freely.

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