In 2003, ten years past, sold to earn some extra cash, cards PeopleCall in Brazil. They were codes that people could use to make calls to various countries around the world in a time when the voice over IP was not as fashionable as now (there was no Skype we all have in mind right now).

Time has passed and other solutions such as Skype itself, have been doing with the market, coming both as mobile computers, offering good quality calls free or low cost when using the conventional telephone network. Viber, is another product that has invaded the two universes (PC and mobile) and are likely to continue getting better options out in the coming months.

What happened to PeopleCall ? because apparently nothing serious. The Spanish company returns to the fray and it does now with the release of Nubefone, iPhone and Android application that allows voice calls at very low price, cheaper, sometimes, that with Skype, as discussed in note.

PeopleCall Launches Mobile Application for Voice Calls