Poketalk – Unlimited Free PC To Phone Calls To India & Many Countries

You would be surprised to know the exclusive news that now you can make unlimited free pc to phone calls to India, USA, Canada, Russia and Thailand both on landline as well as mobile so do not let it go. Isn’t it a huge one!

Poketalk is one of the great free international calls provider. It is persistently adding more countries in its calling list. Poketalk contacted VOIP Guide and put forth the suggestion of offering free calls to India. Their suggestion was approved by VOIP Guide after two days of testing. It was a worth happier moment to proclaim that you can now craft unlimited free international calls to India on both landline and mobile.

One thing that should be notified while using Poketalk is that the Poketalk access number are o2 mobile numbers, so if you comprise a BT, NTL or mobile operator plan which integers free minutes you can use them to call poketalk access number. The just problem for using Poketalk is that today it only exists for callers in UK or if you have a UK geographic number and is capable call to one of the Poketalk’s Access numbers.

Now just have a look on making a free international call to India or other countries offered by Poketalk under this Dial-in plan:-

1. You need to register at Poketalk.

2. If you previously have registered with Poketalk and have a Poketalk PRO account, you need to apply a coupon through which you can get 10% extra credit. The coupon code is voipguides. Isn’t it a fabulous offer for VOIP users, so hurry up!

You can apply coupon in Poketalk in following ways:-

a- from account page you must go to PRO tab.
b- Your PRO balance can be seen under PRO. There click on add credit.
c- There you can see three options select Coupon tab.
d- There would appear a code field.In the code field, enter voipguides and click Send. This would straight away add 10% extra talktime into your account. One added characteristic of this is that it also works for existing PRO users.

3. You can dial one of the following Poketalk Dial-in Numbers from your UK Mobile or Landline:
447624100180, 447624100183, 447624100184, 447624100187( I suppose that if a caller is calling from UK then he can omit country code 44 and instead replace it with 0 may be known by a local UK user.)

4. Once you get connected to the access number, a lady their would ask you to dial the number of your preference in appropriate country code+number format + # key.
e.g If you are calling India landline in Mumbai, you need to enter 912223420000#
one thing should be noticed that you must not enter the number before the lady finishes talking. If you enter the number before it your call may won’t go through. I may ask them to add a beep sound and then ask the users to add the number. This bug is reported by me to Poketalk.

5. After dialing the number you can talk to your satisfaction.

I know that many of you may be enraged as this service is only for UK. Slowly this service would be made available in many countries as USA, Canada and many more. Today this service is in beta and Poketalk is aggressively looking forward to expand it.
We will let you know when this happens.

Poketalk customers are requested not to forget to use coupon code voipguides for getting free extra credits. It is applicable to all old as well as new users. Don’t you think it is nice?

Second thing you need to know that this service works for other countries such as USA, Canada, Thailand and Russia on both landline as well as mobile.

Enjoy the most of calls and please let us know the report of call quality, new features etc.