PokeTalk – Free International Calls, Free Wakeup Calls

As I said in my previous post, there are many free voip calls providers who offers free international calls to its users, apart from many cheap voip providers. Adding to the list of offering ad based free calls, Lets see one more Voip Company Called PokeTalk.

Poketalk a Parrot Media site, is an Israeli based company founded in 2007. They offer free calls to many international countries. As I said Poketalk is an advertisement based free internet phone calls service which is based and serve target ads to its users. You will see ads of your region and country or your interest (selected by you while you sign up). As this service is still in Beta version you might see some offtarget ads as well, however we hope that they will improve their services in coming years.

Poketalk offers free calls to landline and mobiles. You can call landlines free for 5 minutes while free mobile calls to 2 minutes only. Someone out there will tell that 2 minutes for testing a service might be too low, but 5 minutes can be called as sufficient time. But as this is a free service one can not point this to them.

You can make free international as well as domestic calls from this service. They also offers sms and wakeup call service. While I am not in the list of countries for free calls from this service, I have not tested it yet, but one of friend who lives in Canada tried it, and he said that the voice quality is not that good, but still we can accept that as this is an free calls site. He said they first serve you ads and then connect your destination number. As this is an phone to phone
calls service you have to dial the destination number and your number. Poketalk then connects your call to destination number after calling you. He said that their was some delay in the voice.

You can give them an try if you fall in these country where Poketalk offers free calls:

-UK (landlines)
-Germany (landlines)

You might see some different outcome from them. Let us know your feedback on Poketalk.

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