Rebtel – Free 10 Minutes Calls – Cheap International Calls

Rebtel, a leading mobile VOIP & free international calls provider announced that they are now offering 10 minutes free calls on new sign ups.

How To Get Free Ten Minutes Calls From Rebtel?

Just Click on the link and Join….
Cheap VoIP calls on all mobiles and abroad. Join today for 10 Free mins!

How to do International Calls Cheaply (@local rate)?

1) Sign Up with Rebtel.
2) After sign up tell Rebtel about the number you want to call.
3) Rebtel dials your provided number.
4) It gives you back a local number for that friend.
5) Your friend will also get a local number from Rebtel to call you back.
6) Stay online and don’t cut the call, and your friend will call you back on the same number.

Now both of you has paid only for local charges within their specific country and International rates are totally free in it. Its a very innovative way to save money. So basically its free international call at a local call rate, in other words its a cheap international call.

Remember, First ten minutes are free calls, you will not been charged for this.