Skype has Launch version 4.0 for Android handsets, where the most important innovation is its visual redesign, adapting to the line of sight of all Microsoft applications for any platform, including Android, opting for simplicity and ease of use.

In this way, users will find a user interface that can be familiar if they use other Microsoft applications and has its tree dialogues clearer and simpler and can clearly differentiate sender messages regarding recipients, which are recognizable by circles inside which shows their profile pictures.

The circular profiles are also present when users make calls, who can also attach files and send individual messages from their handsets, features that Skype has almost all native applications.

Redesign addition, there are other aspects also improved, as is the stability and speed, being far lighter and easier to use. Skype gives thus an important step in the Android platform to improve user experience, especially considering the huge number of applications on this platform, leaving Skype itself at a disadvantage, despite being of the oldest and most complete.

According to their list of features, the tablet version is on the way.

Skype Launch Version 4.0 for Android, With Visual Renewal And Faster Operation