Skype Video Support for FaceTime On iPad 2

We have posted many post on Free PC To Phone Calls before. Now lets see how one can make skype calls from his Apple Ipad 2.

Skype’s Senior Product Manager for iOS devices, Heather LeRoy, has announced that Skype is ready for the iPad 2 – and they’re banking on it having cameras.

With Apple’s FaceTime being a big hit on Macs, iPhones, and iPod Touches, it’s only logical that Apple would think about updating the iPad to have a built-in camera. If and when that happens, FaceTime, which allows Mac users to call iPhones from their computers, would work on iPads, and obviously Apple would prefer iPad users switch from VoIP to FaceTime.

Since the iPad doesn’t currently have a camera, the only real option for using it as a phone is Skype. If the iPad 2 has a camera, FaceTime might become more interesting to users.
Skype, however, isn’t going to give up without a fight. They’re ready for their own video calling to be used with the iPad 2 by including complete video support for Skype.

It’s interesting that the iPad doesn’t currently have a camera, as by foregoing a camera, Apple left the phone over IP market wide open to competitors, and Skype, obviously, filled the void with customers that it isn’t planning on giving up easily.

Putting time and money into developing services and complete support for video calling for a device that may or may not end up being equipped with a camera is a risky proposition, and Skype likely wouldn’t have devoted the resources unless they were worried about losing a lot of customers to FaceTime.

Of course, Skype may have nothing to worry about. Skype allows face-to-face calling over any kind of connection, while FaceTime only works over wi-fi. On FaceTime, there is no way to see if anyone on your contact list is online; in fact, you can’t even tell who else on your contact list has FaceTime! What a waste of time, randomly messaging people in the hopes that they have FaceTime and are also online. With Skype, it’s obvious that one of your friends is ready and willing to have a video conversation – it’s much closer to Messenger in the way that you can see active status updates and other details.

So it seems that Skype simply wants to be ready to serve its already huge user base no matter what, and so has spent time developing the technology to support video calling on the iPad if, and when, Apple decides to equip it with a camera.