Solicall – Personalized Noise Reduction For Voip mobile calls and PBX

How many times you have gone through a situation when you are making an voip call and your kids are making too much noise or your dog is barking or the noise is coming while making your keyboard shortcuts? This all situations make your internet telephony calls unpleasant, isn’t it?

To overcome this all, SoliCall has come up with an innovative software that helps VoIP users to moderate useless noises during calls in authentic time. This free software is designed for improving your experience by bountiful you better sound eminence when making any type of free VoIP calls (e.g. PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, PC to Mobile etc.). They are adding acoustic echo cancellation to its robust innovative noise reduction solution.


SoliCall is designated to diminish ambient sound that the spokesman may have. Its clamor reduction performance can be enhanced by tuning it to a definite narrator. SoliCall can also barrier the incoming audio. SoliCall supports many Voice-over Internet Protocols telephony services like Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and others. Another quality in this software enables the users to record their calls.

As divergent to everyday solutions, SoliCall’s personal algorithm identifies the Speaker’s voice and extracts it from the audio Signal. SoliCall does not focus on fact noises but solely on the voice of the given spokesman. SoliCall’s personalized technology will enhance and refine the capabilities of any universal racket lessening technology you have in your subject/crop.

Download SoliCall SoftPhone Add-on and improve voice clarity during your VoIP calls. In addition you get free voip recorder, or voice recording software for recording voice. This is what made SoliCall a leading provider of noise reduction softwares for VoIP providers, Mobile phones, PBXs and other telecom industries.