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I expect my readers are enjoying my free calls posts all over globe with balm of my blog posts. Moving on with the free calls posts, this moment I determine to discuss about Spikko.

I came to effect with this global telephony service while wondering in cyberspace. It looked extremely groovy as they allow free voip calls all over globe including India.

Spikko provides its members unobstructed internet-based talk. Users scrape up a solitary Israeli (Mobile) Phone number through which they might call any phone handset or mobile number in the world for nothing.

How To make calls With Spikko?

Simply register with them. They will give you a number, and after this you can make calls by downloading & installing their internet telephone software called Spikkophone.

How To Receive Calls With Spikko?

After you have registered, somebody who desires to call you can dial your Spikko number from any Mobile or landline number. Your Spikko Phone will group you where in the sphere, if you are coupled with the internet. The channels can be used to get related within anywhere in Israel.

What’s Free In It?

While you signup you get 7 minutes of mobile/cellular free calling minutes or 30 minutes of free landline calling. In future, new members might get 15 minutes of mobile or cellular phone free calls and one hour of free landline calls, and these minutes can be utilized to make free International calls to any specific country and this includes India.

When you are utilized up with the free minutes, and to pile up more points, your connection must call to you on your Spikko. Each Incoming call one minute call will add up your credit by one minute.

How To Join Spikko?

It’s an Invitation based service, where one has to be part and must provoke another to open an account. I not have been invited by any one. If any of our readers are Spikko members gratify advertise their emails and invitations here so that more people can link it.

The more people you introduce to this service the more free minutes you get in your account.

Anyways, I was thinking how they pursue their users, by IP or by email or by more then one account created by the user. Whatever it is enjoy this hack for free global calls.

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