SpokenRecall – Free International Calls, Local Access Numbers, Call Recording

We might have seen many voip call provider who give us local access number to make free international calls while we just have to pay for the local calls. But SpokenRecall is a service which not only gives these services but also gives you options to Record your calls,  Transcribe your recordings and also gives you free sign up.

Think of a situation where you have to record your conversation with the other party, like for a meeting and you must have to notedown what was talked in the conversation. SpokenRecall document all your voice communications, so that you can review it later. You can also use this service while driving your car, when you miss some or most of the conversation in traffic noise. This service has patented voice over text transcription technology which sends perfectly accurate emails, while you don’t have to write an single word.
As I already said you can use it for Free International voip calls from any part of the world having your own personal number and just have to pay for the local rates which is applied in your city. All you have to do is to call one of their local access numbers and enter your phone number and SpokenRecall will handle the long distance calls for you. For example you are in the United States and your friends want to talk to you from United kingdom, all they do is call the UK access number and enter your number. And if you have your personal Spoken Recall number then they can dail it directly and talk to you.

You can use your mobile, landline, air phone to use this service and that too from any part of the world. If you use a Blackberry then you can  download the Blackberry Application to use this service.

Though this is a new service which is launched recently and not tried by many, I will recommend my readers to have a try at this as this service didn’t require any fees for registration and testing.