Symmy – Free Service Mobile VoIP via GPRS

VoIP technology has now developed to the mobile voip. With mobile tariffs are quite expensive at this time, make mobile VoIP technology to become a real alternative where some providers offer free call among its customers. Symmy is one of the mobile VoIP service provider that enables users to make free phone calls directly from our mobile phone via GPRS, 3G or WiFi.

Overall features offered by Symmy is so diverse. Not only one can call free of charge, we can also send instant messages (sms), email and chat and share files among our community. This is practical can be done through a mobile application that they offer and we can take advantage of the features at any time and anywhere in the world directly from our mobile phones.

To be able to take advantage Symmy, we should do is register on the site and download the mobile application, which only compatible with a mobile phone platformed Symbian v8 and v9. We can donwload from the computer and then transfer it to our mobile phone or directly from the web browser through our mobile at After installation symmy in our mobile phone, we can directly make a free call to symmy other members in our community, and we can chat, send email or share files for free.

Because the application is based on Symbian, so only a few handsets that have been supportive even if they plan to extend support. In addition, we need to remember is the cost of mobile internet connection when we use this application. Make calls and chat for free but the cost of internet is not:). But it would be better if we have a fixed monthly data service to be able to enjoy more cost savings on communication services in mobile VoIP.

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